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Why Are We Unique?

Our custom made eyewear service is directly available to private practices, fashion and independent brands. There has never been a service like it offered at this scale.

The range of services that used to be only available to big volume purchasers is now available to you at very manageable order quantities.

Designers & EDA

We love to work with designers from all type of disciplines. Whether you are new to our industry or are very experienced with specific requirements, we offer our resources in production and support to let you turn your concept into reality.


Color can make or break a design. This is why we strive to provide you with as many color selections as possible. We have access to 2 full acetate factories with 1000’s of colors and patterns.


EDA has established partnerships with the industries top designers and manufacturers with world-class manufacturing facilities.

Are you a designer?

At EDA we work with Designers from all over the world in all walks of discipline to turn their creativity into innovative eyewear collections. With our support, you can bring your renditions to reality for a very minimal investment. EDA production facilities are capable of working with Acetate, Horn, Titanium, Wood, Carbon Fiber, and a wealth of other decorative techniques such as casting, 3D printing, lamination etc. Contact EDA today to unlock your potential.

Our Collections

Organized by Design Style

We have organized our collections based on different Design Expressions. From the classic, retro to the modern and daring styles. You can use design templates that we created, add your own signature, and increase the level of customization by ordering them in a variety of materials like Horn &

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Our Collections

Your Custom Designs

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our collections, we are happy to work with you on a custom design. At EDA, your designs will be treated with the same attention to details as our own. We truly care about making your concepts a reality. Even if you don’t

Trendy, Not Spendy

Express all facets of your personality with our high-quality, affordable glasses and sunglasses.

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